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NHL's Jarret Stoll -- Erin Andrews' BF Busted for Coke and Ecstasy

L.A. Kings superstar Jarret Stoll -- boyfriend of Erin Andrews -- was arrested in Vegas on suspicion on drug possession ... for allegedly bringing cocaine and ecstasy to a Vegas pool party. According to local reports, 32-year-old Stoll was busted…

Conor McGregor -- Insane Feats of Strength ... On Santa Monica Beach

Here's UFC fighter Conor McGregor ... showing off some pretty insane core strength on the rings on the beach in Santa Monica.  Now go to the gym. 

Johnny Kemp Dead -- 'Just Got Paid' Singer Dies Mysteriously

Johnny Kemp -- the guy who sang the 80s party anthem "Just Got Paid" ... died Thursday at the age of 55. Originally from the Bahamas, Kemp died while vacationing in Jamaica. He was reportedly found floating on a beach in Montego Bay. It's…

Michael Lohan's Desperate 911 Call ... I'm Being Attacked By My Wife!!!

Michael Lohan hysterically called 911 as his infant and toddler screamed in the background ... pleading for cops to come and arrest his wife.  TMZ broke the story ... Kate…

Suge Knight's Big Break ... Victim Blames Himself for Death

Suge Knight has got a powerful weapon ... not a gun, and not a car. It's the guy he ran over who lived and told cops he was responsible for the other victim's death.  Cle Bone Sloan told LAPD officers the same day…

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