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Val Kilmer -- Misguided Actor Sues Landlord in Small Claims Court

Val Kilmer clearly doesn't watch "The People's Court" or "Judge Judy" ... because he's about to learn a hard lesson about tenants doing home improvements.Val was in Van Nuys small claims court Thursday ... battling his landlord over $6,000 that…

'TMZ Hollywood Sports' -- Floyd Mayweather ... Check Out My Diamond-Crusted iPod

Diamonds aren't just a girl's best friend -- Floyd Mayweather loves 'em too ... so much so, that he blinged out his old school iPod!!  Make sure to check out the brand NEW episode of "TMZ Hollywood Sports" on Reelz -- every weekday at 8pm ET,…

Justin Bieber -- Hits On Hot Model Using Disney Pickup Line

Justin Bieber can put Bill Clinton to shame ... and if you doubt that check out this video of the Biebs zeroing in on a very hot model he ultimately reels in.Bieber was cruising Rodeo Drive in a Rolls-Royce when he caught a glimpse of Jacqueline…

Kat Von D -- Flips Out on Reporters After Tattoo Shop Fire

Kat Von D went off on local news reporters outside her burned out tattoo shop -- making it clear she doesn't want ANYONE covering the story.As we previously reported ... Kat's famous High Voltage tattoo parlor caught fire early this morning. It took…

Lil Za's Felony Drug Charges Reduced in Justin Bieber Raid

Lil Za's new record is looking good ... well, his criminal record anyway -- because the L.A. County DA just reduced his drug possession charge to a misdemeanor.TMZ broke the story ... Za was charged with felony drug possession -- after…

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