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Ben Affleck, Jennifer Garner -- Career Explosion Torpedoed Marriage

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner are getting divorced NOT because of his drinking and gambling, but because he's become such hot property in Hollywood, she felt neglected ... so say some well-placed sources.   There are clearly 2 views on the…

Emmitt Smith -- Bails On Miss USA ... In Wake of Trump Backlash

NFL legend Emmitt Smith is now distancing himself from Donald Trump ... backing out as a judge in the upcoming Miss USA pageant after Trump trashed Mexicans.  Smith was one of 5 celebrity judges that was scheduled to participate on the…

NFL's Brandon Spikes -- Guilty In Maybach Hit & Run ... Avoids Jail

Ex-New England Patriots linebacker Brandon Spikes has pled GUILTY in his hit and run case stemming from a June crash in his Maybach ... but he won't do one single minute behind bars.  Instead, Spikes has been ordered to pay more than $2k in…

Enrique Iglesias -- Arrested for Driver's Seat Switcheroo

Enrique Iglesias got busted trying to slip out of the driver's seat of his ride when cops pulled him over recently -- possibly because he knew he had a suspended license ... just a guess. According to Miami police, Iglesias was driving a white…

ESPN's Michelle Beadle -- College Tennis Player Called Me a 'Slut' ... School Apologizes

ESPN's Michelle Beadle is calling for the University of Texas at San Antonio to punish a sophomore tennis player ... after he called her a "slut" on social media.  Beadle had been tweeting about the San Antonio Spurs ... when Gio Carrillo…

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