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Morrissey -- Security Guard Sues -- He Wanted Me to F*** Up Fan Club Honcho

Morrissey wanted to turn his security guard into a thug ... to hurt a fan he despised, and the singer's manager wanted the guy killed ... so claims the bodyguard in a new lawsuit.Bradley Steyn claims Morrissey begged him to become his hired…

Justin Bieber to Candy Spelling -- I'm Movin' Your Way ... Can I Use Your Pool?

Justin Bieber is moving out of the Beverly Hills condo he's turned upside down with parties and pot ... and he's seriously thinking of moving into Candy Spelling's opulent building ... TMZ has learned.Real estate sources tells us ... Justin has…

Ex-Clippers Sponsor -- We're Open to Coming Back ... With New Owner

The L.A. Clippers are one step closer to getting their sponsors back -- with one major former backer telling TMZ Sports it's open to returning now that a judge has cleared the path for Steve Ballmer to take over the team. We spoke to reps for…

Kim Kardashian -- Yeah I Kissed Brandon, BUT ...

Kim Kardashian and step-bro Brandon Jenner had an illicit make-out session ... so intimated Brody Jenner, but in reality we've learned there's less here than meets the eye.Our Kardashian archival sources tell us ... the "kiss" went…

Backstreet Boys AJ McLean -- Praying For Both Sides ... VOWS Return to Middle East

The Backstreet Boys love their fans in Israel, but they love their families more -- which is why they regretfully cancelled a bunch of concerts there, according to A.J. McLean ... who's standing firm on NOT choosing a side in the…

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