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Meet Truth! She is about 4-years-old and here’s what her foster has to say about her:
This beautiful pup has a heart as big as her head!

Truth is the perfect blend of being down for a long walk and playing fetch with toys but also loves to snuggle on the couch. Speaking of snuggling, she is definitely a Velcro dog. She loves to be with us, right next to us, or laying on top of us. BUT she is fine in her crate when we do have to leave. She sleeps with my daughter at night and has had zero accidents in the house. She loves her toys and likes to carry them around with her. She likes to give kisses but aims to please and if you tell her you’ve had enough she stops.. usually. 😉 She is very obedient and if I call her she comes. My daughter has also decided that she needs a few accessories… which she happily wears and loves the attention they garner from the neighbors.. hence we now call her Tutu. She seems to like it!


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Sponsored By: Canine Country


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