Hot 101.9’s Basketball Mayhem 2019

Hot 101.9’s Basketball Mayhem 2019

Some will tell you that December is the most wonderful time of the year. But for us sports fans, March reigns supreme! The greatest tourney in all of college sports is ready to tip off, and Hot 101.9 wants see how good you are at picking winners with our March Mayhem Bracket Challenge, sponsored by UVA LASIK and Rooter Man to the Rescue! setup is simple: Get registered, make your bracket picks, invite your friends to do the same, then kick back and watch how it all plays out (and talk a little smack). A perfect bracket could win you $1 million dollars, and the person with the best local bracket will pick up a cool $500. Are you brave enough to pick a 16 over a 1? Which 12 seed will take down another 5 seed? You make the call! And, it’s absolutely free to play! Best of luck to you, and let the games begin! Click the link to view your bracket:

THE GAMES ARE IN PROGRESS! Check back to see how your Brackets are doing! Thanks for playing!


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